At Viral-Electrons, we constantly maintain a solid standard regarding our customer’s privacy and safety. Our company and crew are steadfastly focused on providing the best services within the bounds of trust and responsibility.

This Privacy Policy document has been furnished to aid any individuals having queries regarding the privacy and safeguarding of any information pertaining to the respective individuals. This document is equally relevant and compulsory for all kinds of customers.

It is necessary that you read this document carefully in order to know how we obtain and treat your confidential information.

Note that the information here is tangible and subject to change at any time.

What Information Do We Pursue?

Upon visiting our website and inquiring about a product, we may accumulate information regarding but not limited to your Name, Contact, Shipping Address, Email, IP address etc. We adhere to holding ourselves impartially and effectively responsible when our customer’s data and its safety are concerned, therefore we assure our customers of their relief from Data breach and mistrust.

How do We collect Information?

At Viral-Electrons, we strive to obtain your information through direct and legitimate sources only, including your signup and subscription on our Website and Newsletter. We may also collect information through Cookies upon the condition of the visitor agreeing to let us access their Cookies. We never ask or look for information beyond what has been declared in our Privacy Policy statement.

What is our Purpose with the Information?

The information obtained from our Website’s visitors is used to improve and enhance their browsing experiences. We utilize this data for the provision of quality time and service for our visitors. Information obtained from your subscription to our Newsletter is used as a medium to provide latest updates and notices regarding Viral-Electrons and its Services.

We fully ensure our customers about the lawful and trustworthy confinement of their private data. We plead an oath to never obtain your personal information for motives other than those mentioned in this Privacy Policy document.

Policy Revision and Updates:

We are actively focused on amplifying and improving our Services and their consistent quality. Therefore, we take the revision of this document very seriously, encouraging our traffic to revisit this document frequently and stay informed about any updates or changes. Always visit our website to access the most updated version of this document.