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Rights & Ownership

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Accuracy of User-Provided Content

We encourage and demand our customers’ full attention when creating an account or engaging with us on our Website. Upon registering an account, it is compulsory that you provide us authentic and accurate credentials and never attempt to impersonate any other person or company by providing their credentials. In case of any changes in your information, you are obliged to update it on our Website immediately. Failure to provide credible credentials results will result in the revoking of their access to our services.

Purchases and Orders

When you place an order and provide all the necessary information, you agree to pay the full and final amount shown to you on the website at the time of Check-Out. We also need you to be aware of the separate usage Terms provided by the different payment mediums available for your convenience.

Procurement and Usage of Cookies

At Viral-Electrons, we collect information in the form of Cookies when you visit our Website. These help us tailor our Services according to your preferences and present them in a refined manner suited to your needs.

The choice and jurisdiction of obtaining your cookies is completely yours. To ensure standards of transparency and flexibility, we will never force Cookies upon any individual and only make use of them upon their full agreement and consent.

Updates & Changes

This document should be visited regularly in order to keep informed about any changes or alterations. All changes to this tangible document are effective immediately after an update or modification. You can find the latest version of this document on our Website.